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Ville Venete 

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Palladian villas: travelling among the Venetian jewels of the 16th century

Around the middle of the 16th century, many Venetian noble families Corner, Barbaro, Badoer, Emo, Grimani, Foscari decided to invest their wealth from trading with the Orient in constructing large villas and for them Andrea Palladio was the perfect interpreter. This is how the Palladian villas became real jewels in the Venetian countryside.
The Palladio villas itinerary has to start from Villa Barbaro, designed and built by Palladio in 1560 in Maser near Treviso, and famous throughout the world for the lovely frescoes by Paolo Veronese. Just a few miles from Maser, in Fanzolo di Vedelago, there is another Palladian villa, Villa Emo, surrounded by a large park and decorated inside with frescoes by Giovan Battista Zelotti. We must also see Villa Corner in Piombino Dese; Villa Pisani in Bagnolo di Lonigo; Villa Badoer in Fratta Polesine; Villa Sarego in Santa Sofia di Pedemonte.

Famous and unmistakeable among the Palladian villas for its unusual style is definitely Villa Almerico Capra called La Rotonda, designed by Palladio at the height of his maturity.
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